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Facility Listing

We operate in a fully-equipped, 10,000-square-foot, environmentally controlled facility in Groveland, Massachusetts, enabling us to streamline production and ensure the quality of our products.


CNC Turning

Okuma-Howa, Act20, CNC Lathe                            

Hitachi Seiki, 20sII, CNC Lathe                 

Takamatzu CNC Lathe                  

Seiki SL300 BMC (Mill Turn)   

Samsung SL35/1500 3-axis with 15” chuck 

QuickTech T8 Hybrid Mill/Turn



Elliot Gap Lathe 31" Swing x 60" Center                             

Okuma 22" Lathe 60" Center                   

Graziano Sag 18" Lathe 46" Center                       

Warner-Swasey #5 Turret Lathe                             

Hardinge Super Precision Lathe    


CNC Milling         

Supermax MAX1 Machining center 18"x24"x18" Table                               

Supermax MAX3 Machining center 20"x30"x19" Table                               

Mori Seiki SV-50 Machining Center

Samsung PCV-400



2 Bridgeport J-head 42"                              

2 Bridgeport Series I 48"                            

Fexac Universal Milling 58"x19" Travel

Grinding [sub-sub-head – H3] 

Jones-Shipman Auto Grinder

Blanchard Grinder 18", 31" Swing


Sunnen Precision Honing Machine

Welding [sub-sub-head – H3]  

Lincoln TIG300/300

Misc. Equipment

Doall Band Saw 2

Kalamazoo Saw

Durocraft Bench Drill Press

Durocraft Floor Drill Press

Dumore Hi-Speed Drill Press

Rockwell Drill Press & Tapping Machine

Inspection Mil Std 45208a           

3'x5'x18" Granite Surface Plate

Brown & Sharp Micro-Hite

XLO 809 Optical Comparator

Brown & Sharp CMM

CAD/CAM Programming




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