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Quality Assurance

On each job, our goal is to manufacture and deliver the highest-quality products you can get, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Ital-Tech Machined Products uses processes that can be catered to your needs to ensure the quality of our products.

We maintain a Quality Management System certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001, and we strive to exceed our quality objectives on all jobs. The system is continually audited to ensure compliance with our Quality Manual, procedures and customer requirements. As a Certified Supplier for several of our customers, we provide dock-to-stock deliveries while maintaining a 99.9% quality and on-time delivery rating.

Components and parts made and assembled by Ital-Tech Machined Products undergo a three-step inspection process:  


1. First Piece Inspection

Our Quality Control Department inspects the first piece of each machining and assembly operation. The operator performs the complete job sequence on one piece and submits it to the Quality Control Department, which inspects it for all characteristics and then records the results on the First Piece Inspection Report. If the piece is rejected, adjustments are made and the operator re-submits the part for inspection.

2. In-Process Inspection

The operator makes periodic checks of key characteristics during the manufacturing operation. Verification during each process ensures that the individual process maintains the highest quality level and minimizes chances for non-conforming products.

3. Final Inspection

The Quality Control Department makes a final lot inspection, utilizing approved sample plans and Final Inspection Reports. QC inspectors accept or reject each lot based on critical dimensions, customer-requested key characteristics and Ital-Tech’s high-level quality standards.

First Article Inspection is performed on first-time production and lapses in production when required by customers. The QC department performs a FAIR using the AS9102 requirement and report. FAIR records are maintained with the job history and are available to our customers.

Ital-Tech’s Quality Control Department maintains inspection records and keeps them on file for a minimum of three years, based on customer requirements.

Inspection Equipment

  • Brown and Sharp Reflex 454 CMM

  • Two Brown and Sharp Microhite 600

  • Deltronic DH-214 optical comparator

  • Two Federal Mahr Mechanical Comparators

  • 81 piece Starret gauge block set

  • 3 x 4 and 3 x 5 precision granite surface plates both grade B inspected

  • Mitutoyo SJ-210 profilometer

  • Federal pocket surf profilometer

  • Standard Micrometers

  • Test indicators

  • Internal bore micrometers up to 4” diameter

  • Phase II hardness tester

  • Gauge pins

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